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Every worker has some needs and the managers have to take care of these factors to ensure that the workers are satisfied. The workers should be satisfied because their satisfaction will give better results and better productivity. Here are the factors that need to be taken care of.

1) Team Work

It is an established fact that workers perform their duties more effectively if they are given a chance to operate in form of groups or teams. They, can work as a cohesive unit and pursue mutual goals successfully. Moreover, this practice makes work enjoyable and less monotonous. There are people with a high need for affiliation. They drive pleasure from being loved and tend to avoid the pain of being rejected by a social group. As individuals, they are likely to be concerned with maintaining pleasant social relationships, to enjoy a sense of intimacy and understanding, to be ready to console and help others in trouble and to enjoy friendly relations with others.

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2) Empowerment and achievement

This method involves passing down the authority to perform tasks to workers. Empowerment goes further by allowing workers some degree of control over how the task should be undertaken. This is also termed as a delegation of powers. Moreover, people with a high need for achievement have an intense desire for success and an equally intense fear of failure. They want to be charged and they set moderately difficult goals for themselves. They take a realistic approach to risk and prefer to analyze and assess problems, assume personal responsibility for getting a job done, and like specific and prompt feedback on how they are doing. They tend to be restless, like to work long hours and would rather run their own show.

3) Payment and hygiene factors

The managers should reward the employees based on their performance. If an employee works extraordinarily then he should get rewarded for his performance. Moreover, the hygiene factors of the workers should also be considered. These are the factors that can lead to workers being dissatisfied, such as low pay or unfavorable working conditions. Improving hygiene factors should remove dissatisfaction.

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